Moving On

Unsatisfied with the hustle and bustle of New York City, disillusioned twentysomething Dana moves to LA with a plan to...well, he's not really sure what the plan is. As he tries to find his way in his sun-drenched new city, he finds himself growing distant from the girlfriend he left back in New York, while putting all his hopes in a new relationship at the same time--learning that you can go home again, but it makes creating a new home really, really difficult.

by Kevin Slack

NY - Directed by Lacey Keane

Starring: Casey Shane and Cameran Hebb

LA - Directed by Robert Dowling

Starring: Mo Aboul-Zelof, Johanna Middleton, Martine Moore and Blaine Vedros

Featuring Pip Gengenbach as the Announcer

Sound Design by Tyler Grimes

Sound Engineering by Liz Regan and Lisha Brown

Sound Editing by Liz Regan

Original Art by Joe Rawda