DTC Radio is proud to present original, short radio dramas available for download from iTunes.  Created as a way to bring theatre to your ears over the airwaves, DTC Radio is the latest branch of Distilled Theatre Company.  Here you’ll find brand new thrilling stories, chilling tales and fantastic yarns written for the radio by award winning playwrights.  For more information, you can “like” Distilled Theatre Company on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @DistilledTC and Instagram @DistilledTheatre.


Season 6

Hell and High Water - by Aysha Zackria

Artificial Ignorance - by Peter M. Carrozzo

The Separation - by Corey Pajka

Bringing Down the Mouse - by Jennifer Schell

Proxies - by Natalie Zutter

Emotional Playback - by Carlo Feliciani Ojeda

Season 5

It Is What It Is - by Lilly Cornell Warriner

Breaking Bread - by Joshua Smalley

When You KnoW, You KnoW* - by Krysta Gonzales

Batman! The Lost Episode - Make Gotham Great Again - by Govind Kumar & Lakshmi Kumar

Not Your (Final) Girl - by Natalie Zutter

The Stand In - by Corey Pajka

Darkness As A Bride - by Tyler Grimes

The Swamp Beast of Bandon, North Dakota - by Jennifer Schell

Season 4

Statusquovia - by Barry M. Putt Jr.

My Violet Brooklyn - by Corey Pajka

Face Turn - by Pip Gengenbach

The Kiss - by Janet Lawler

Dr. Shock's Sonic Scream Shack - by Tyler Grimes


Moving On - by Kevin Slack

Part 1 - The Dinners

Part 2 - The Phone Calls

Part 3 - New Beginnings 

The Lost Treasure of Valentina de la Plesa - by Tyler Grimes

Part 1 - Breaking and Entering

Part 2 - Below the Surface

Part 3 - Better Left Buried

Season 2

Secret War? - by Pip Gengenbach

Mars is Boring - by Douglas Williams

Howlin' at the end Zone - by Tyler Grimes

Bluebird - by Ashley Nicole Audette

Justice and Consideration - by Pip Gengenbach

The Terrible Tale of Brother Poligast and the Liber Spectaculi Infiniti - by Caldwell Lever

True Bill - by Asher Novek

July 4th, 2076 - by Ben Diserens

The Firework Show - by Mackenzie Jahnke

Meowlimony - by Kevin Slack

A Most Regrettable Circumstance - by Pip Gengenbach

Flight 214 - by Tyler Grimes

May the Fourth Be With You - by Corey Pajka

Tape - by Jerry Lieblich

In The Pines - by Tyler Grimes

Life and Death and Art and Girls - by Jamie Wright

That Green Tradition - by Robert Stevenson

Meet Me At Short Sea - by Kevin Armento