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Join us on the evening of Friday, April 3rd when Distilled takes on it's 3rd Annual 24hr festival! Now, don't be discouraged - we're not going to make you sit there and watch 24hour of performances. This is fun and haphazard event where our worthy volunteers of playwrights, directors and actors, have 24hours to write, rehearse, memorize and then perform original short plays! Anything could happen, don't miss out on the fun! 


Ben Diserens

Ryan Fogarty

Pip Gengenbach

Tyler Grimes


Lisha Brown

Phil Blechman

Chloe Malaise

David Siciliano 


Dean Acree
Madeline Dauer
Bianca Espinal
Joe Flynn
Bettina Goolsby
Ace Hicks
Govind Kumar
Katherine Leigh
Morgan Lever
Arami Malaise
John Pozzi
Indigo Rancourt