2013 Season

24-Hour Play Festival

February 9th, 2013

Distilled gathered a group of playwrights, actors and directors on February 8th at 7:00pm.  They were separated into groups at which point they had 24 hours to write, direct and rehearse a 10 minute play that was be performed on Saturday night.  This was a visceral and exciting experience that served to generate new ideas and opportunities for various artists.


Short Play Festival

June 6-8, 2013

We presented a weekend of short plays ranging from 10-20 minutes.  We showcased a variety of playwrights, with all different levels of experience.  As is Distilled’s mission, this was the first time any of these plays had been produced.


(Not Just) 3 New Plays



For the entire month of September, DTC produced additional programming for the event (Not Just) 3 New Plays.  NJ3NP was a collaboration of three playwrights who rented out the Paradis Factory on the 4th Arts Block to produce their own, original work.  While the theatre was not being used, they opened it up to other artists of various forms to rehearse and/or present their work.  DTC curated evening shows with over 100 additional artists. 


2nd Annual Playoffs

September 9th, 2013

Distilled held our 2nd annual Playoffs, where 10-minute excerpts of 5-6 selected plays were read aloud by professional actors.  At the end of the readings, the audience voted on which play they wanted us to fully produce.  The play that received the most votes was presented as our Mainstage in the Fall. Distilled was proud to present this years Playoffs as part of the (Not Just) 3 New Plays festival


Long Distance Drunk by Corey Pajka

November 21st-24th, 2013

For our final event of 2013, Distilled presented a new full-length play - “Long Distance Drunk” by Corey Pajka. The play was workshopped with the playwright, actors and a director during the rehearsal process.  Set, sound and lighting designers created original concepts to support the show.  The play was available for the public for 4 performances.